Don’t Try To Find Me

Every parent’s worst nightmare is to come home and find their child missing. The child might have been kidnapped or just left on their own.  Either way they are gone.  In today’s world there are so many ways this can happen but the Internet and social media have added a whole different dimension to this dilemma.  Teens are very susceptible.  Middle school and High school can be very hard for teens. Many are subjected to bullying but for some it is losing friends they grew up with who have decided they have nothing in common any more.  They may say “it is going to be different in our new school and I don’t think we will be friends any more”.  How confusing, how mean.

Social media like Facebook allows predators to hide behind a false identity or create an identity to lure susceptible individuals into doing something they would not ordinarily do.  Once they are drawn in they get trapped. On the other hand Facebook, twitter and instagram can reach a large number of people in a large geographical area very quickly. The net can allow you to create liaisons shrouded in secrecy, on the other hand if you have secrets these may be revealed much to your dismay.  Privacy in today’s world is a double edged sword.

This book has two interesting stories.  One is about this fourteen year old teen Marley.  It is obvious that she has emotional issues and has been in therapy.  The other story is about Rachel her Mom. There are secrets that will come out.  I found the relationships between all the characters extremely fascinating.

The author does a great job of slowly weaving the stories.  I admit I had a problem starting the book, only because of the disappearing teen but I got drawn into the story and really wanted to find out what happens to all the characters.

For more info on this book click on this link.

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