Where’d You Go Bernadette

I am sitting here trying to write my post and I am wondering how to best describe this book and do it justice. This book is filled with frenetic energy. The main character is different to say the least. She is or was an architect but she was also an artist and incorporated her art into what she designed. She built a “green” house with materials all obtained within a twenty mile radius many repurposed. You know that DIY show where the person takes pipes designed for under your sink and uses them to build shelves, that was Bernadette. She also had difficulty making connections with people until she met Elgin. He was brilliant techie whose company was bought out byt Microsoft. They were happy for awhile.

When they were living in California an event happened that sent Bernadette into a tailspin. I can’t tell you what happened it would ruin everything for you. They moved to Seattle into to a former Girls school that was falling apart. Supposedly it was her next project, she was to transform it into their home. But she became pregnant and miscarried several times. The last pregnancy produced a baby girl who survived but barely. When Bea survived she threw herself into raising the child. Of course she was not your run of the mill Mom and did not get along with the other Moms at the private school her daughter attended. And this caused major problems. Her husband worked ALL The Time and is unaware of what was going on. In a way what happened to there marriage was a very sad part of the book. He was a techie geek, she was an artist. The way they did things were very different and cracks started showing up in the foundation.

Zany things happen in the book, much brought on by Bernadette because of her quirkiness and how she reacts to situations. I know this sounds crazy but I found myself routing for her even though some of the things she did were way way out there.

I have to admit that it took me awhile to warm up to this book but I think the writing is amazing. I really felt like I knew these characters or maybe I want to know these characters. It Might add some fun to my life.

If you are looking for a serious book forget this one. If you are looking for something fun and pretty crazy with some underlying sadness then this book is perfect for you. I certainly understand why it showed up on the Washington Post paperback bestseller list two weeks ago. And by the way it was number 12 on the New York Times Bestseller list this week. Hope you enjoy it.

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