Me Before You

For the first time in a long time I found I could not put a book down. I read this book long into the night and only stopped reading because I fell asleep. It is well written and very thought provoking.

What if you had everything you wanted. In other words you were truly living the life you loved. You were at the top of your game at work and you loved what you did, you were rich, you were a world traveler. You had a significant other you enjoyed being with, in other words you had a BIG Full Life. Then one day it is all gone due to a freak accident. This is exactly the situation William Traynor found himself in.

He woke up one morning expecting to negotiate deals, ride his motorcycle, make love to his girlfriend. He walks out of his condo on a rainy morning in London and gets ready to cross the street when he is hit. His injuries are unfathomable and his life changes in ways that you would never think about unless it happens to you.

The book does a great job of portraying from each of the characters perspective the changes they all need to make to cope with the new order of life. Can they cope? How do they cope? Some of the great things that happens because of Will’s circumstances and some of the not so great things are all covered in the book. I finished the book three days ago and I am still mulling over everything I read. I keep wondering how I would handle things if I were Louisa His caregiver or his mother Camilla or Will himself. Read the book!

The sequel to this book After You is due out in September 2015. It is definitely on my must read list.

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