Patriot Threat a Steve Berry Novel


I seem to always come back to Steve Berry and here is why.  Not only does he write a good thriller but his story usually includes a little history. He always adds a little something, something that makes you think Did that really Happen?

In this book that little something focuses around Franklin Roosevelt and Andrew Mellon.  Andrew Mellon served as Treasury Secretary under three Presidents.  FDR was not one of them.  In fact, from all my reading the two men did not like each other at all.  FDR subjected Mellon to intense scrutiny regarding his taxes which led to a  trial.  Mellon died before the trial ended.  He was not convicted.

According to Berry’s story, Mellon had a private conversation with FDR and handed him a paper that allegedly contained some type of code.  Mellon was plotting revenge against FDR and this code was suppose to bring FDR down.  FDR not taking the bait and threw the paper in the trash. It was later retrieved by his secretary.  He ignored this paper but ultimately came back to it and enlisted  a trusted employee  to help him figure out what Mellon was trying to tell him.

What was on that paper and if it really existed is still a bit of a mystery but lets just say China, North Korea and the US are now very interested in finding answers.  It might be a matter of National Security.  And to make it all worse, a Treasury employee discovered some papers surrounding the Mellon/FDR discussion, copied them and has fled the country. This person an author wrote a book on an “urban legend” that had been around forever.  The legend, the 16th Amendment is unconstitutional and Mellon had prof.  Sounds a little like Edward Snowden don’t you think? Mellon also had evidence that the US owed a huge debt to a citizen who had loaned the government money.

But unlike Edward Snowden who if he steps into the US will be arrested for Treason, the President has offered to pardon him of all wrong doings if he brings the papers back to the United States..  Will he even live to come back or will someone steal the papers and kill him?

This is one of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone novels.  I really like this character and I found this novel fun and quick moving.  Great for a hot day on the beach or your deck.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

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