What’s Good To Read?

on the beach


So many great books to read so little time.  So Sad.

The stack of books on my side table is huge this week. I have ten books which is a record for me.  But I am a Gemini I can handle it.  Gemini is the sign of the twins and sometimes I definitely think that there are two of me in my head.  No I don’t really hear voices but I have learned to multi-task pretty well.  I am juggling three books at once this week.  I haven’t done this since I was in High School but I am up for the task! It helps me sleep and lord knows I need my sleep.

I am in the middle of The Girl on the Train which has been on the bestseller list for awhile. The second of the three is The Bookseller which caught my eye as I was browsing on line. And lastly I am listening to a book by Cokie Roberts. I like having at least one non-fiction book going. It’s a good way to learn new things. This week I have two books I plan to blog about, Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts and  Memories of Violets by Hazel Gaynor. Incidentally, if  you are interested  in downloading a book,  Memories of Violets is very well priced this week at Amazon.com.

Have a nice week and check out my posts this week.

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