Everybody’s Got Something – Robin Roberts

I love Robin Roberts.  I loved Good Morning America when she and Diane Sawyer were the anchors. Josh Elliot being on her right didn’t hurt anything either, great sense of humor.  The Chemistry between the team was great.  I still watch Good Morning America but not as religiously. It is still a good team just not the same.  But nothing stays the same and change is good.

Before the world new Robin was sick, ABC had Katie Couric guest host on GMA.  I was outraged thinking that Robin was going to be replaced and I was one of I am sure many people who wrote ABC to give them a piece of my mind.  Then came the announcement that she was sick and it saddened me. It wasn’t that she was being replaced, it was that she was sick.  She had become so much of my morning routine I felt like my friend received the diagnosis.

This book is about her battle and “recovery” thankfully from MDS.  The title of the book Everybody’s Got Something was something her Mom would say.  It is so true don’t you think.  Everybody does have something going on in their life.

My Mom had her special saying to me.  I remember complaining about this or that and saying how unfair things were.  She would say to me Life is not Fair, you just have to deal with it.  Maybe I should write a book Life Isn’t Fair.

And one of my all time favorites that I use over and over again is from Roseanna Roseanna Dana “It’s always something”  Another very good title.

I chose to listen to this book rather than reading it mostly because Robin read the book herself and it made it so much more meaningfull. The book was actually very relevant to me right now.  Several of my friends are facing health struggles and I think she put things in perspective.  It is very hard to see people you care about in pain.  You want to do things for them but don’t know what to do.  She gave some great suggestions and I hope my friends tell me when they need me to step in.

Read the book or listen to the audio version.

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