Beach Reads? Well maybe that’s pushing it a bit



It was Sunday and like most Sundays I sat at my kitchen table with a tall, hot, cup of coffee savoring the quiet that usually accompanies a Sunday morning.  Most of the time I don’t finish the entire paper but I try to read the front section, the business section, Arts and Style and Outlook.  I found this article in the Business section on “10 Transformative Reads” and it piqued my interest.

The list of books are very interesting and perhaps by reading any one or all of them it will “sharpen my business thinking” but I disagree that these books should be considered as good beach reads.  To me the very definition of a beach read is books that can be described as one or more of the following: engaging, exciting, humorous, relaxing, thought provoking and lastly trashy rounding out the list.

On my list this week are The Girl on the Train which I  am just finishing,  First Ladies by Cokie Roberts and Memory Man by David Baldacci.

So if you are into improving your mind while you lay on the beach than check out the link above for the Post’s suggestion.  If you feel like a break take a look at some of my posts.  Have a great week!

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