Heading for Obsolescence, The Postcard

Image result for postcard

Remember as a kid when you went to a new place you would buy a postcard to send to someone.  It usually had a tourist spot that you had just visited. I know I always sent one to someone and kept a copy for my collection.  Somewhere on the postcard sent to a friend or family member were the words “Wish You Were Here”.

In my office at work we have a cork board that is a collection of postcards brought in by prior occupants of the office and now us, the current 5. Everyone enjoys putting a new card up.  But I am sad to say that Postcards are becoming obsolete. (Click on the word postcard for an article I found.)

Fewer people are writing any handwritten correspondence.  Do you remember the last time you received a postcard or a letter handwritten by someone for entertainment purposes.  Nope neither can I.  Read the article.

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