David Baldacci Great for Summer reading

David Baldacci is my go to guy when I want a good read.  I pretty much like all his books but his thrillers are the best. Memory Man is no exception so if you are flying somewhere and need a good book or if you are going to the beach than tuck this book into your carry on or download it to your eReader. I am not going on vacation until September so I just read the book in the evenings.  I find reading before I go to sleep helps me unwind even if the book is a fast paced thriller.

After sustaining a brain injury when he was tackled on the football field, Amos Decker is a changed man.  He died twice in route to the hospital.   When he woke up he was not the same. It seems his brain has  been re-wired so that he can remember everything. This is both a gift and hindrance.  As a Detective on the Burlington Police Department he is able to remember minute details that often lead to solving the case but when his wife and daughter are brutally murdered the images of their bodies play over and over.

From that moment he has nothing to live for. He loses his job and becomes homeless. Things change when a man walks into his old precinct and confesses to the crime.  At the same time the man walks into the station, there is a mass shooting at Mansfield High School, Decker’s Alma Matte.  He gets pulled into the case.  There Baldacci guides the reader through this maze of facts until the killer’s identity is revealed.

This is the first in the Amos Decker series.  He certainly left the door open for a second, third or any number of books with Decker as the protagonist.

Really great book! Read it.


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