No Nuke is a Good Nuke

John Corey is not a play by the rules kind of guy. Something went very wrong on an assignment in Yemen which nearly killed him.  Lucky him, he is still alive but he is no longer an FBI agent. He has been placed on the Diplomatic Service that is part of the FBI but not really the FBI if you know what I mean.  His job is to babysit foreign nationals that just might be a threat to national security.  His latest assignment is to watch a Russian Colonel here on a diplomatic visa.  But the guy is a known killer and has been acting a little weird lately.

John’s suspicions are confirmed when the Russian leaves one weekend to attend a party in the Hamptons. John and the beautiful Tess his trainee tail him and John does not like this nagging feeling that this is not your ordinary Russian party where the vodka is plentiful and so are “the ladies”.  This crazy Colonel may have access to a big bomb and I bet you can guess where he wants it to go off.

John breaks protocol like he is known to do and instead of just a baby sitting gig this becomes a can I get my ass blown up gig.

Lots of humor.  Lots of action.

Demille has written a lot of books.  This one is his latest. I have only read one other novel by him so I best get cracking and read some others.   The other book I read by him is Plum Island which I highly recommend  .  John Corey is the protagonist in this book as well.

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Finally confirmation that reading is good for you

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I read every day.  Sometimes I read a lot and sometimes a read a little but I read every day.  I really try to read before I go to bed. It relaxes me.I sleep better.

I found this article Reading thirty minutes a day makes you feel better that you may find interesting.  I actually didn’t need validation that reading was beneficial to my well being but it is nice to read about it.  Just in case you do not have time to read the whole article here is a paragraph that I liked:

“Reading, the study shows,helps boost empathy and makes us feel more connected to those around us (readers also report being more comfortable chatting with strangers than nonreaders). It can also help us get through difficult periods by showing us we’re not alone in our challenges and low points. And, of course, it’s not a bad way to learn a few things too. Readers, unsurprisingly, had greater general knowledge, greater awareness of other cultures, and richer life experiences.”

Maybe if people read more instead of playing violent video games people might be nicer or maybe not.

And the article mentioned that reading may help with insomnia and depression.  There is nothing like a good romance novel or thriller to get you mind off of what ails you.  AT least that is my opinion.

Happy Reading


Thank Goodness for a little in Flight Humor

Image result for masks on airplanes

Humor is sorely lacking when you are flying.  I mean they practically strip search you before you get on board which by the way I am not complaining about.  I would rather get there safe than not at all besides which I don’t have to look at the image of myself when they put you into that machine the TSA guys do.

I always wonder how many people actually watch the stewardess or in this case the steward when they are going through the emergency procedures.  I am sure there are a lot more watching than there use to be.  Check out this video.  It certainly caught my attention.

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Wedding and Wine What a combo

Weddings bring out the best and worst of families.Georgia’s wedding is 8 days away.  She is at the final fitting for her wedding dress when something occurs that will change her whole life.  She rushes out of the Bridal Boutique, into her car and drives straight to her parent’s vineyard.

The wedding is to take place there.  But when she steps into the house, the one place she thought was her safe haven, she is shocked to find out that things have changed.  Her parent’s marriage once so strong seems to be falling apart. So much so that they are selling the vineyard, her beloved vineyard. The vineyard where their specialty wine is made with eight hundred grapes.

Her brothers are in chaos.  In fact things at the vineyard are in chaos so not only does she have to sort out the crisis in her personal life she needs to make sense of all that is going on in her family’s life. She has eight days to pull it together.  See how it all works out in Eight Hundred Grapes.



Multitasking: How to read multiple books at one time


My Gemini “ness” is getting the best of me. Do you like my new  English saying?  What I am really trying to say is that by nature a Gemini tends to disperse their energy on different tasks and not just focus on one thing. I try hard not to let this trait take over my life but sometimes it is just overwhelms me.

My grandmother was very influential in helping me to try to reign in my enthusiasm for starting something and then jumping to the next thing.  Her words of wisdom were” finish what you started”.  Very simple, very true.I am a great at multitasking. and I work very hard on finishing what I started.

So I find myself hopping from book to book.This doesn’t happen often but sometimes I find I am restless or just looking for a really great book and I just don’t know what I am in the mood for so I explore more options.  I will confess I am reading more than three at this time. Surprisingly, keeping track of multiple story lines is not my problem.  The problem is finishing the books on my time table which is my usual pace of one to two books a week.  I guess you can’t have everything.

What I am really curious to hear from you is if any of you read more than one book at a time and if so how many? and Why?

So I did not post last week.  I will be posting on Saturday. Because it is summer and I tend to read to relax my book choices tend to be less intense but no less enjoyable.  I am finishing up a book called Eight Hundred Grapes which I am enjoying and working on finishing Beach Town.