Wedding and Wine What a combo

Weddings bring out the best and worst of families.Georgia’s wedding is 8 days away.  She is at the final fitting for her wedding dress when something occurs that will change her whole life.  She rushes out of the Bridal Boutique, into her car and drives straight to her parent’s vineyard.

The wedding is to take place there.  But when she steps into the house, the one place she thought was her safe haven, she is shocked to find out that things have changed.  Her parent’s marriage once so strong seems to be falling apart. So much so that they are selling the vineyard, her beloved vineyard. The vineyard where their specialty wine is made with eight hundred grapes.

Her brothers are in chaos.  In fact things at the vineyard are in chaos so not only does she have to sort out the crisis in her personal life she needs to make sense of all that is going on in her family’s life. She has eight days to pull it together.  See how it all works out in Eight Hundred Grapes.



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