Finally confirmation that reading is good for you

Image result for reading in a cafe

I read every day.  Sometimes I read a lot and sometimes a read a little but I read every day.  I really try to read before I go to bed. It relaxes me.I sleep better.

I found this article Reading thirty minutes a day makes you feel better that you may find interesting.  I actually didn’t need validation that reading was beneficial to my well being but it is nice to read about it.  Just in case you do not have time to read the whole article here is a paragraph that I liked:

“Reading, the study shows,helps boost empathy and makes us feel more connected to those around us (readers also report being more comfortable chatting with strangers than nonreaders). It can also help us get through difficult periods by showing us we’re not alone in our challenges and low points. And, of course, it’s not a bad way to learn a few things too. Readers, unsurprisingly, had greater general knowledge, greater awareness of other cultures, and richer life experiences.”

Maybe if people read more instead of playing violent video games people might be nicer or maybe not.

And the article mentioned that reading may help with insomnia and depression.  There is nothing like a good romance novel or thriller to get you mind off of what ails you.  AT least that is my opinion.

Happy Reading


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