No Nuke is a Good Nuke

John Corey is not a play by the rules kind of guy. Something went very wrong on an assignment in Yemen which nearly killed him.  Lucky him, he is still alive but he is no longer an FBI agent. He has been placed on the Diplomatic Service that is part of the FBI but not really the FBI if you know what I mean.  His job is to babysit foreign nationals that just might be a threat to national security.  His latest assignment is to watch a Russian Colonel here on a diplomatic visa.  But the guy is a known killer and has been acting a little weird lately.

John’s suspicions are confirmed when the Russian leaves one weekend to attend a party in the Hamptons. John and the beautiful Tess his trainee tail him and John does not like this nagging feeling that this is not your ordinary Russian party where the vodka is plentiful and so are “the ladies”.  This crazy Colonel may have access to a big bomb and I bet you can guess where he wants it to go off.

John breaks protocol like he is known to do and instead of just a baby sitting gig this becomes a can I get my ass blown up gig.

Lots of humor.  Lots of action.

Demille has written a lot of books.  This one is his latest. I have only read one other novel by him so I best get cracking and read some others.   The other book I read by him is Plum Island which I highly recommend  .  John Corey is the protagonist in this book as well.

For more information check out this link Radiant Angel


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