Easy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Found this recipe that I had to share.  Once again my pumpkin obsession coming through.  This is like a semi homemade recipe.  The kind you might see on the Food Network show Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee.  I would like to send a shout out to her as she continues to fight cancer.  I hope you are on the mend!

I found it on pinterest.  The recipe uses a can of crescent rolls and a mixture of pumpkin butter, brown and granulated sugar and cinnamon.  I cheat even more and use a can of Pillsbury cream cheese frosting instead of the topping in the recipe..

Check out the recipe.


Me Before You

This book has been out for awhile and I blogged about it on my other site.  But I thought I would bring it up again because the sequel to the book is due to release this month and I will be reading it. I usually find sequels not to be as good as the original but I liked this book so much I think it is worth giving it a try.

What if your life was great?  In other words you were truly living the life you loved.  You were at the top of your game at work and you loved what you did, you were rich, you were a world traveler.  You had a significant other you enjoyed being with, in other words you had a BIG Full Life.  Then one day it is all gone due to a freak accident.  This is exactly the situation William Traynor found himself in.

He woke up one morning expecting to negotiate deals, ride his motorcycle, make love to his girlfriend.  He walks out of his condo on a rainy morning in London and gets ready to cross the street when he is hit.  His injuries are unfathomable and his life changes in ways that you would never think about unless it happens to you.

The book does a great job of portraying each of the characters perspective and the changes they all need to make to cope with the new order of life.  Can they cope?  How do they cope?  Some of the great things that happens because of Will’s circumstances and some of the not so great things are all covered in the book.

Read Me Before You before the sequel hits the stores the end of September!

What is on Your Toothbrush? Do you Really Want to Know

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I wouldn’t call myself a germaphob.  Well not exactly but I do work in the health care industry and I do come in contact with a lot of germs.  I do try to take precautions but every now and then I let my guard down.

For example, one of our clinicians brought her tablet in for maintenance.  It was a galaxy note 3.  The tablet looked like it had been dropped in a dung heap.  It was that gross.  It was handed to me and I made the mistake of taking it without putting gloves on first.  Big mistake.  Hugh.  Then I neglected to wipe the surface I was working on with alcohol wipes after I finished de-germing it.  Again Big Mistake, Hugh.

After twenty-four hours I was so sick.  It was pathetic. In fact I went through three rounds of antibiotics that was how sick I was. But we learn from our mistakes.  So now I wear gloves and wipe down all devices before I work on them.

Then I cam across this video What’s on your toothbrush which I found to be incredibly informative.  Germs are everywhere I get it. So what is my take away from this toothbrush thing:

a) change toothbrushes often – no brainer there. b) I pour listerine on my toothbrush.  I figure if it fights germs in your mouth maybe it will fight them on my toothbrush. c) no on is allowed to use my toothbrush EVER!

If anyone has other tips or suggestions I am all ears.

Enjoy the video.

Trips for Foodies

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Found this Article The 21 Best Trips for Foodies and I thought I would share it with all of my foodie friends.  I don’t know about you but half the fun of going somewhere new is sampling the local cuisine.

My husband was stationed in Germany and I could not believe how many military folks would not go off the base to eat in a restaurant.  To some a night out was a Burger King on the commissary grounds.  That place was packed.  Luckily I am married to a man who likes to live life so we would take the u-bahn and check out new restaurants.  We found German, Greek and even Chinese restaurants that were great. You didn’t have to go into a restaurant. There were plenty of opportunities to try curry wurst and beer from a vendor on the Zeil.  That was just Germany. We literally ate our way through Europe.  I have nothing against Burger King but it was not the place for us.

Her is the thin, you don’t even need to be in Europe to sample great food. Get in your car and go.  We recently spent some time in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia and had some great food.

So I hope you enjoy this article.


Ever After

I must be more stressed than I thought.  It seems I have turned to Romance novels as a way to wind down.  It works especially if it is a weekend. Recently it was my on call weekend meaning I pretty much needed to stay in the area.  Between the calls I finished two books. I read into the night and slept really well.  Ever After is the first one.

I have read Jude Deveraux before so I knew what to expect.  This one caught my interest because the protagonist is a physical therapist.  Physical Therapists are my friends.  After my back surgery my guru of health got me up and at it.  But more importantly some of my dearest friends are physical therapists.

So Hallie is the PT.  She is living in Boston and has just accepted a job there when she comes home and finds her step sister Shelly up to no good.  In fact Hallie finds out that she has just inherited a house in Nantucket and Shelly was making decisions about it on her behalf.  In addition, she has taken over Hallie’s identity and has entered into a contract to provide physical therapy to a patient in Nantucket.  Thankfully Hallie walks in as Shelly is about to sign contracts.

She informs the clinic where she is to work that she is not accepting the job and off she goes to Nantucket to take care of a patient.  Jamie is ex-military who was badly injured both physically and mentally in Afghanistan when his Humvee was blown up.  He survived but the soldiers on his mission were not that fortunate.  He has PTSD and is badly wounded.

The house Hallie has inherited is a beautiful old house with two beautiful spirits living there making life in the house a little spooky. Sparks fly in Nantucket.

.I will talk about the second book   I read written by Beth Harbison in a separate post. This book is not really a romance it is more of a what if book.  I will just leave it as that.


In the Unlikely Event


In a way the title of this book is very ominous.  I mean if it is unlikely that an event will happen than why bother to think about it.  In today’s world things that were unlikely before are more likely to occur now and that is why we think about this concept a lot more than before.

Many of you may be familiar with books written by Judy Blume.  Maybe you and/or your children have read her Fudge books or Are you there God? It’s Me Margaret.  In case you have not read her adult novels you may want to start with this one, In the Unlikely Event

Living in what is the path an airplane making its final approach to an airport would perhaps give you a reason to pause and say what happens if the plan does not make it to the airport and crashes. Most would shrug that thought off but others would not.  Recently a small plane was trying to land at a small regional airport not too far from my home when it crashed into a home killing a young mother and her baby. And then there was Harrison Ford who had to make an emergency landing on a golf course. Luckily he was able to land the plane in an open field and live.

Here in DC I remember flying to Florida in the early 80’s on a business trip and the next day an airplane taking off on the same flight plan I had just taken the day before crashed into the Potomac. I w

And so the Unlikely event that Judy Blume uses as the back drop for her book is the three plane crashes that occurred in 1951 in Elizabeth New Jersey.  All three crashes occurred with two months of each other.  In all three, lives were lost.  Her story takes you into the lives of those impacted by these unlikely events.  The characters are fiction but you feel like they were the ones who were actually there and since she actually grew up in Elizabeth, NJ you actually get the vibe of the city.  I really liked this book.  Give it a try.

Everything is Coming up Pumpkin

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It is Pumpkin season and I am loving it.  Did I mention Fall is my favorite season?  No? Well Fall is my favorite season.  The weather is great and the colors of the trees are spectacular.  And of course pumpkins are in season.

I go absolutely pumpkin crazy.  I make pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lasagna and pumpkin pie.  After all Thanksgiving is NOT Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie right?  I also make a pumpkin trifle which book club girlfriends that will be my dessert for the evening so plan your calories accordingly.  Many of you know I usually don’t  like using recipes but when it comes to baked goods I do so I will share the recipes with you as I crack open my recipe file.  But just to start you off I found these dessert recipes during my readings. Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

Enjoy and check back for my pumpkin trifle and pumpkin lasagna recipe.  They are delish!

I was at my local grocery store and these are just a few pumpkin items on the shelf.


So far I have bought jello pumpkin pudding, pumpkin syrup, pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin in the can because I found the most delicious looking pumpkin french toast muffin recipe which I will share once I make it.

Did I mention I love Fall?