Beach Town

I have read several of Mary Kay Andrews books and I like her.  Usually her books have a little humor and a little romance.  All fun, all good.

In this book, Greer is on the East coast specifically in the state of Florida scouting for a location for a movie.  Her last job did not go well so she is fighting to restore her reputation.

The crazy director is looking for a Beach Town that represents Old Florida.  There aren’t many of those left but Greer finds one. The town is struggling so they are happy when the movie starts production since it brings added business to their town and merchants.  Of course Greer finds a love interest in the town Mayor who happens to be the owner of one of the stores.

My daughter has been interning as a Production Assistant and I found the book interesting from the production aspect of the book.  I can imagine that many if not most of the requirements set by the director for Greer to accomplish can be realistic.

If you are a Mary Kay Andrews Fan you will of course want to read the book.  I think my favorite book by her so far is Deep Dish.




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