If I Could Turn Back Time

I am sure almost everyone has thought about going back in time so that they could fix something that happened or to choose another path.  I mean if I knew then what I know now I am sure there are lots of places I would want to go back and do over. I mean Cher even had a hit single about Turning Back Time.  

But even though you may have several places in your past that you would like to go back to and have a re-do there is always one place in time that usually stands out.  I know exactly where in time I would go to if I had the opportunity and  I can assure you that changing my decision would bring monumental changes in my current life.

Jamie Phillips is about to celebrate her 38th birthday.  She is on a yacht with friends overindulging on adult beverages otherwise known as alcohol and she starts going over her life.  She has a very successful career and lots of friends but is something missing ?

She goes to dive into the water and the next thing she knows she is eighteen again, waking up in the bedroom of her childhood home and it is two days before high school graduation.  Is this her brain helping her figure out what is missing in her life and why?  Is her brain allowing her to re-run those important memories again like watching a movie on DVD or has she really gone back in time.  And if she is back in time then she really has to be very careful about making changes if that was what she was here to do.

It is an interesting journey.



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