Deep Dish

I like Mary Kay Andrews.  She is fun to read.  I just finished Beach Town which is her latest novel so I thought I would share another one of her books that Ihave read with you.

For all my culinary friends who watch the cooking channel and food network this book is for you.  It is a light read about two chefs that have local cooking shows in the south.

Gina has a show called Fresh Start. She takes your everyday southern dishes and prepares them in a healthy way.  She is certainly not your Paula Dean whose favorite ingredient is butter.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I love Paula Dean and I admit I have made one or two of her dishes but they do tend to be heavy in  the fat and calories department. Tate on the other hand has a show called Vitals. I swear I kept waiting for Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies to appear as one of the characters. His show focuses on the great outdoors.  He goes out into the wild, catches his food and then prepares it.  MMM MMM Good! Very cave man and very sexy.

A New York producer from the cooking channel is looking for a new show and has his sights on these two chefs.  He comes up with a brilliant concept having a Food Fight on TV and so Gina and Tate Square off.  May the best chef win.

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