The Knockoff


The fashion industry is a tough industry to be in.  One day you are the it person and six months later you are out.  It is an industry that caters to youth.  I remember an interview that Katie Couric had with Sophia Vergara.  Katie asked Sophia who was about to turn 40 if she felt like 40 was the new thirty.  Sophia’s answer was quick and firm.  The answer. NOOOO!

This book is fun with sad undertones but triumphant at the end. Imogen is the editor for a magazine.  She is diagnosed with cancer and takes six months off for surgery and recovery. When she comes back her former assistant Eve who had left to get her MBA is now back and is making many changes.  The major change taking the magazine from a print version to completely digital.  Trying to edge Imogen out Eve takes every opportunity to embarrass her.  But while Imogen is not tech savvy she is smart and she knows the industry.  Best of all she knows people and has developed relationships with them.

Eve underestimates her opponent by thinking that Imogen is unable to compete.  This seems to be a constant theme in books and the workplace.  Millennials like Eve think that once you turn 40 you are a fossil but perhaps what they do not take into consideration is that while many 40 somethings did not grow up in the same tech culture, they are just as smart.  The difference, they are learning on the fly.

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