Everything is Coming up Pumpkin

Image result for pumpkin baked goods

It is Pumpkin season and I am loving it.  Did I mention Fall is my favorite season?  No? Well Fall is my favorite season.  The weather is great and the colors of the trees are spectacular.  And of course pumpkins are in season.

I go absolutely pumpkin crazy.  I make pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lasagna and pumpkin pie.  After all Thanksgiving is NOT Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie right?  I also make a pumpkin trifle which book club girlfriends that will be my dessert for the evening so plan your calories accordingly.  Many of you know I usually don’t  like using recipes but when it comes to baked goods I do so I will share the recipes with you as I crack open my recipe file.  But just to start you off I found these dessert recipes during my readings. Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

Enjoy and check back for my pumpkin trifle and pumpkin lasagna recipe.  They are delish!

I was at my local grocery store and these are just a few pumpkin items on the shelf.


So far I have bought jello pumpkin pudding, pumpkin syrup, pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin in the can because I found the most delicious looking pumpkin french toast muffin recipe which I will share once I make it.

Did I mention I love Fall?

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