In the Unlikely Event


In a way the title of this book is very ominous.  I mean if it is unlikely that an event will happen than why bother to think about it.  In today’s world things that were unlikely before are more likely to occur now and that is why we think about this concept a lot more than before.

Many of you may be familiar with books written by Judy Blume.  Maybe you and/or your children have read her Fudge books or Are you there God? It’s Me Margaret.  In case you have not read her adult novels you may want to start with this one, In the Unlikely Event

Living in what is the path an airplane making its final approach to an airport would perhaps give you a reason to pause and say what happens if the plan does not make it to the airport and crashes. Most would shrug that thought off but others would not.  Recently a small plane was trying to land at a small regional airport not too far from my home when it crashed into a home killing a young mother and her baby. And then there was Harrison Ford who had to make an emergency landing on a golf course. Luckily he was able to land the plane in an open field and live.

Here in DC I remember flying to Florida in the early 80’s on a business trip and the next day an airplane taking off on the same flight plan I had just taken the day before crashed into the Potomac. I w

And so the Unlikely event that Judy Blume uses as the back drop for her book is the three plane crashes that occurred in 1951 in Elizabeth New Jersey.  All three crashes occurred with two months of each other.  In all three, lives were lost.  Her story takes you into the lives of those impacted by these unlikely events.  The characters are fiction but you feel like they were the ones who were actually there and since she actually grew up in Elizabeth, NJ you actually get the vibe of the city.  I really liked this book.  Give it a try.

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