Ever After

I must be more stressed than I thought.  It seems I have turned to Romance novels as a way to wind down.  It works especially if it is a weekend. Recently it was my on call weekend meaning I pretty much needed to stay in the area.  Between the calls I finished two books. I read into the night and slept really well.  Ever After is the first one.

I have read Jude Deveraux before so I knew what to expect.  This one caught my interest because the protagonist is a physical therapist.  Physical Therapists are my friends.  After my back surgery my guru of health got me up and at it.  But more importantly some of my dearest friends are physical therapists.

So Hallie is the PT.  She is living in Boston and has just accepted a job there when she comes home and finds her step sister Shelly up to no good.  In fact Hallie finds out that she has just inherited a house in Nantucket and Shelly was making decisions about it on her behalf.  In addition, she has taken over Hallie’s identity and has entered into a contract to provide physical therapy to a patient in Nantucket.  Thankfully Hallie walks in as Shelly is about to sign contracts.

She informs the clinic where she is to work that she is not accepting the job and off she goes to Nantucket to take care of a patient.  Jamie is ex-military who was badly injured both physically and mentally in Afghanistan when his Humvee was blown up.  He survived but the soldiers on his mission were not that fortunate.  He has PTSD and is badly wounded.

The house Hallie has inherited is a beautiful old house with two beautiful spirits living there making life in the house a little spooky. Sparks fly in Nantucket.

.I will talk about the second book   I read written by Beth Harbison in a separate post. This book is not really a romance it is more of a what if book.  I will just leave it as that.


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