What is on Your Toothbrush? Do you Really Want to Know

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I wouldn’t call myself a germaphob.  Well not exactly but I do work in the health care industry and I do come in contact with a lot of germs.  I do try to take precautions but every now and then I let my guard down.

For example, one of our clinicians brought her tablet in for maintenance.  It was a galaxy note 3.  The tablet looked like it had been dropped in a dung heap.  It was that gross.  It was handed to me and I made the mistake of taking it without putting gloves on first.  Big mistake.  Hugh.  Then I neglected to wipe the surface I was working on with alcohol wipes after I finished de-germing it.  Again Big Mistake, Hugh.

After twenty-four hours I was so sick.  It was pathetic. In fact I went through three rounds of antibiotics that was how sick I was. But we learn from our mistakes.  So now I wear gloves and wipe down all devices before I work on them.

Then I cam across this video What’s on your toothbrush which I found to be incredibly informative.  Germs are everywhere I get it. So what is my take away from this toothbrush thing:

a) change toothbrushes often – no brainer there. b) I pour listerine on my toothbrush.  I figure if it fights germs in your mouth maybe it will fight them on my toothbrush. c) no on is allowed to use my toothbrush EVER!

If anyone has other tips or suggestions I am all ears.

Enjoy the video.

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