Spice Mixes From Your Kitchen

The holidays are not that far away.  I try to start to make my list early because I like to finish my shopping right after Thanksgiving.  There are some people I have a very hard time deciding what to get.  That is why I found this book so interesting.  It is more of a mini cook book since it is only 34 pages.  Storey Publishers actually calls it a bulletin.

Whatever you want to call it, I liked it because it contains “recipes” for spice mixes such as Pumpkin Pie spice and Italian Spice mix.  During the holiday I bake cookies although my cookie repertoire is extremely limited to drop cookies.  So I thought to make up for my lack of cookie skills I can add a jar of spices.  I even thought I could make a quick bread like pumpkin and add a jar of pumpkin pie spice.

Anyway whether you choose to bake or cook or not there are some interesting mixes that you may want to use in your kitchen.

Click on the book above for more info.

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