I have read many books by this author and always enjoy them.  I like the fact that there are multiple story lines that usually tie into each other.  In this book I did not see the tie in of the two but that’s ok.

Sherlock and Savitch are once again the main characters.  They make a nice team.  Sherlock is flying home from New York to Washington DC and foils an attempt by a terrorist to blow up the NY airport.  At the same time a bomb is set to go off at St Patrick’s Cathedral.  The Cathedral is crowded because there is a funeral service about to begin and it just so happens that the Vice President of the United States is attending.

Unlike many other suicide bombing scenarios the so called terrorist at the New York airport did not seem hell bent on killing people so Sherlock was able to avoid a horrible outcome by disarming the terrorist.  This set her in the sights of the group behind this bombing and the FBI is concerned that other situations like this may occur and of course it does.

Savitch on the other hand is dealing with a psycho using mind control to get people to kill each other. Like I said I don’t see the relationship between the two story lines but they work alone as well.  I guess it keeps Savitch occupied and away from Sherlock.

Again sadly this book like The Goldfinch and Radiant Angel centers around a weapon of mass destruction which has become an all to come theme in today’s literature.  That being said if you are a Catherine Coulter fan read Nemesis.

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