Amazon built a Store. Why Bother??

If you follow what  Amazon does and since I am a prime member I do, you probably know that they opened a “bricks and mortar” store.  How disappointing! I mean I was impressed that Amazon conducted its business completely online.  Now they open up a store.  Why?  It’s not like it’s a huge warehouse.  It’s a smaller sized store located among other stores.

From what I read, it is like the bookstores that use to be in all the malls but don’t exist there anymore.  Maybe because Amazon kinda sorta put them out of business.  It used to be fun going to the mall and browsing those book shelves then finding a book bringing it up to the cash register, maybe find a book mark to use and scurry home to read my new book.

Now to be truthful, I don’t have the time to go to a mall and browse.  In fact, 85% of my holiday shopping is being done online.  The boxes are being delivered as I write and all I have to do is go home and wrap.  I got free shipping and did not have to use gas in my car or fight for a parking spot.  Win, Win and win.  And all the people on my list who don’t live close to me, why they are in my address list on the websites and all I have to do is click and it is sent to them.  No Post Office run for me.  Again, win.

Right now Amazon has only one store.  People are lining up to enter the book store. It only accommodates 150 at a time therefore the line. Allegedly and I have no proof since I did not go to the store, the stock consists of mainly new releases.  Again I say Why and Why bother?  Furthermore, why would people continue to go to the store.  After all these years, Amazon has trained us how to search and click.

Maybe Amazon will open other stores.  Maybe one will be located near me.  But unless Amazon changes how it operates online, I think I will stick to purchasing online. Don’t get me wrong, I probably would go once.  I mean I don’t want to be completely close minded to this idea but what would get me to go back?  This is the question every marketing person for a store tries to discover.

And again for maybe the third or fourth time,  I ask Why? Why Amazon would you open a physical store when you do online better than almost everyone else?

In case you are interested in someone else’s opinion you can read This man’s opinion on Amazon’s Stores.


One thought on “Amazon built a Store. Why Bother??

  1. SO agree with you, Suz! My dil, Alison has completed all of her shopping and never left the house (for shopping, anyway). Amazon hooked us and it works, what is the store for?


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