I am Not a Crafty Person But!

Red leaves and a gray day

I don’t consider myself a crafty person but a lot of my friends are and so they sort of rub off on me.  Well maybe just a little.

Last night I went with a good friend, one who is extremely artistic, my daughter and her daughter.  I think we all had a blast even though I found it a bit stressful.  You know all that pressure to get it right.

Mine is the one on the left. At the very least I hope you can tell it is a tree with red leaves. All in all I think it was a success.

I have other friends who can turn almost anything into something wonderful.  Case in point take a look at these earrings my friend Pam helped me make.  Can you believe they are pennies.  Thank you Mr. Lincoln.


So when I was browsing and looking for good things to read I found these fun crafts. Check out these Projects.  Creative people are so awesome and when they take everyday things that probably wold get thrown out and make them into something wonderful it is so inspiring.  Enjoy!

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