Stuffing oneself on Thanksgiving


This past summer my husband went to the Doctor for a physical and his blood pressure was up and when he stepped on the scale, well let’s just say wake up call.  He came home and said he needed to make some changes and my daughter and I jumped on the band wagon.

For the women of the house the pounds are coming off so slow it is unbearable but we are not giving up.  Like most men his weight loss is very obvious.  That brings us to Thanksgiving our most beloved holiday and meal.

I have decided to modify the meal.  Turkey is turkey.  Into the oven it goes keeping it very simple just herbs, salt and pepper.  The modifications are the side dishes.  Sorry Campbell’s soup no green bean casserole this year. The green beans are fresh and i have added some red onion, fresh mushrooms fresh garlic and a little olive oil.

The stuffing, you must have stuffing so I am cutting the amount of bread in half and adding a lot more carrots, celery and onions.  No sausage in the stuffing this year.

There will be mashed potatoes but no  butta (that’s butter in Long Island ease) just low sodium chicken broth.  I only made a small amount knowing they probably won’t be eaten.  Just a hunch.

Lastly I am making a potato pancake but it will be mostly shredded zucchini.  All this will mean squat if we put mounds of food on our plate so portion control is the buzz words of the day.

I will let you know how they like the modified meal.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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