Yes I Read a lot BUT Do I Get It?

I read a lot.  Obviously I write this blog about reading. I try to read one to two books a week but that really depends on what is going on in my life.

I read for many reasons; relaxation, escape and knowledge just to name a few.  I used to read just fiction but recently I have delved into the world of non-fiction and I am glad.

I came to a realization.  You can read a lot but you may not be getting everything the author is trying to communicate with the reader.  I found this to be particularly true when I read the book Wicked.  It was a book club selection and I am glad because I just didn’t get all the deep hidden meaning or maybe it wasn’t deeply hidden.I just didn’t see it.  So while I liked the book when I read it, I liked it a whole lot more after having our discussion.

The author took certain situations or scenes that are common in many books.  For example characters sitting down eating.  I remember reading the dinner scene in the book coincidently entitled The Dinner.  Two couples, family members get together at a restaurant where as they sit and eat a serious discussion ensues. The dinner while appearing outwardly to be just an ordinary dinner really is a tense situation at which difficult decisions need to be made and not all are in agreement.  The author did a great job of using a dinner gathering to bring the characters together to tell the story.

When I saw this book I just knew I had to read it.  It is very interesting and very readable and very helpful.

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