Winter Street

 It is Christmas time and Kelley and his wife Mitzi run the Winter Street Inn.  They host a party every year with a man playing Santa and Mitzi playing Mrs. Claus.  To his surprise he walks into one of the guest bedrooms to find Mitzi on Santa’s lap.  Not a good thing. She then informs him she is leaving him for George (Santa) who has been playing Santa at the Inn for years.  To Make matters worse, she tells Kelley that she has been having this affair with George from the time she met him. This is Kelley’s second marriage and he is definitely caught off guard.

His three children from his first marriage have been living with he and Mitzi since they were married because their Mom a famous TV Anchor thought it would be better to have the kids live with their father. The children are all adults now including the one son Mitzi and Kelley had together. He is in the military and has been sent to the Middle East.  Up until a few days before Christmas they all had been in contact with him and now nothing.  This has put them all on edge. The other children all have problems of their own and they seem to be hitting a head right at Christmas.  How will things work out. I guess you will have to find out.

Elin Hilderbrand has written a continuation of this book called Winter Stroll check out my blog post coming up


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