Winter Stroll

I am continuing to read holiday based fiction.  Winter Stroll is the second book in a series. Winter Street was Hilderbrand’s holiday themed book from last year. Check out my post on this blog.  All the characters are in this new book Winter Stroll and like the previous book really nothing has changed.  The characters are still in a chaotic state.

This isn’t your typical romance where everything works out in the end.  It doesn’t so if that is what you are looking for, Forget about it!

While it appears as if some of the characters have moved on in their life, events happen that throw them in turmoil. Mitzi is with George but she is so unhappy.  Kelley seems to have moved on but he still misses Mitzi.  All the kids have found significant others with the exception of the youngest who is in the military and MIA but their lives in one word, Crazy.

When I finished this book I certainly could see another holiday themed book being written for next year.  But I liked this book because it is more than holiday fluff and I like this author.  Give it a try.


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