Used Bookstore

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I found this article that  Used Bookstores are making a comeback.  I can’t tell you how excited that made me.  One of my favorite things to do was to go into a bookstore and just browse. I rarely made a visit without a book jumping off the shelf and right into my hands.

It wasn’t like a needed another book since I always have a stack next to my bed.  It was more like I wanted another book. That stack must stay stocked.  Amazon effectively removed most of the brick and mortar stores.  I am guilty of assisting with the retail store’s demise. I buy most of my books online from Amazon.  It is convenient, economical and quick and there are no bookstores near me.

Then I read an article that Used bookstores are making a comeback.  Here is the irony.  Used bookstores can beat or meet Amazon prices and here is the benefit for me, I can browse the shelves again. The only thing I wonder about is will they have the books I want to read.  I guess I can take this opportunity to catch up on books I might have missed.  Anyway there seems to be two used bookstores pretty close to where I leave.  I guess I just might have to check them out.  What do you think?  Care to join me by checking one out by you?



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