Mozart In the Jungle


Ever since I can remember classical music was played in my house.  My Mom loved music and had some great pieces.

When I was in college I stumbled into this music appreciation class and fell in love with Mozart. My special favorite was Symphony in G Minor K 550.  So much passion.

I got lucky.  When my daughter was in third grade she came home and asked if she could play the violin.  I said why not and it turned out that she actually could play.  One of my favorites that she would play with her group was the Bach Double Violin Concerto.

I am an amazon prime member and until recently I only used my membership on things delivered to my house.  That all changed when amazon started music streaming at no extra charge.  Then I discovered prime video.  I binged watched Mozart in the Jungle. Imagine my delight when the show won awards at the Golden Globes.  If you have amazon prime and have not watched this show yet, watch it.  If you don’t have prime check it out.
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