Kitchens of the Great Midwest


From practically the minute Eva is born her Father a chef sets out to develop her palate.  Having raised an infant of my own who could barely keep down rice cereal, the menu Lars creates for Eva had me raising my eyebrow.  Luckily he consulted her pediatrician before adding in some of his food choices.

While at a Farmer’s market a very tiny Eva goes straight for freshly grown tomatoes which she eats with such glee. But Eva does not have an easy life.  Abandoned by her mother at birth and raised by Lars and his family she makes her way through life.

Her palate and love for food is the driving force of her success.

What a quirky fun novel.  It reminds me of the fun I had when I read Where’d you go Bernadette. I loved the characters in this book and the writing.  When he describes Lars and Jarl’s childhood growing up in St Olaf and their task of making lutefisk I could not help by smile.  It reminded me of a scene out of The Golden Girls when Rose(Betty White) talks about her days in St Olaf.

The interesting thing about this book is how it is written.  Many of the books I have read and I am sure you all have read follow the main character through their eyes.  This book does some of that but then switches to the satellite characters.  This allows you to get a good feel for Eva and her world.  If you are a Foodie you will like this book because each chapter centers around a different food and recipe.

Put this on your reading list.  I think you are going to like it!!

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