Romance Gotta Love It!

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I am not much of a romantic but my husband is so I win.  He takes great pains to pick out a great valentine card and my favorite candy for valentines.

So try to get in the spirit of the month that has come to be associated with love and has a day dedicated to love I thought I would spend the month of February looking for a good romance novel.  I don’t particularly like Harlequin romances. I am sorry if offended those who do like them.  I also generally stay away from romance novels that have really sexy book covers since they usually are short on story.

Romance novels that I like have to have a good back story and good strong characters. Novels like that seem to be hard to find. Especially the good story part.  So If any of you would like to recommend one I am open to suggestions.

And will I am thinking about books I think I will be focusing on Mysteries in March. If you have read a good one let me know.

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