Cold Feet At Christmas

British Bride finds out on her wedding day that her soon to be husband is a philandering pig.  Her words not mine. She flees their wedding which is in the Scottish highlands after finding out about his cheating ways, into the snow.  Now that is a crappy wedding.

Her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.  What a shock!  But as fate has it she sees a light on in a house in the near distant meadow.  She lifts up the skirts of her now ruined wedding gown and in her bridal pumps makes her way across the field of snow.

By the time she reaches the house she is soaked to the bone and freezing.  When a handsome hunk opens the door she literally falls into his arms and blacks out.

When the wronged maiden opens up her eyes the next morning she finds herself in front of a warm, glowing fire.  Obviously there are sparks and not from the fireplace but from the handsome hunk who did I mention is an American trying to escape form a sad situation across the pond. They can’t keep their hands off each other for like two hundred pages.  Romance blossoms.

This is generally not the type of romance I like to read but it was a great deal on amazon and it was the Christmas holiday.  I love reading happy Christmas novels.  I just happen to read this one after Christmas since Christmas was a blur this year.

Would I recommend this book to you.  Probably not and so I continue my search for a GOOD Romance novel. So with my first strike out on my quest, I look toward finding other books.  There has to be a good romance out there right?

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