Prince of Tides

Pat Conroy passed away on Friday.  He was 70. The cause, Pancreatic cancer.  So, we have lost another great author.

I think my favorite book written by him is Prince of Tides. I will never forget the characters, brother and sister Tom and Savannah Wingo. He so vividly described  their turbulent lives and how they struggled to overcome their demons.  It is a novel that if you have not read you must put it on your must read list.


4 thoughts on “Prince of Tides

  1. I loved that book . I went to an authors luncheon at Topsail Beach on Sat his wife was scheduled to be there but needless to say she was not.Met and listened to some very interesting authors.They made their books sound so interesting ,needless to say I bought all six .I will let you know how they are. Judy


  2. Absolutely one of my favorite books and also one of my favorite movies with Nick Nolte and Barbara Streisand in the starring roles. No movie is ever as good as a great book, but this movie did capture the essence of the characters. So sorry to hear he passed away. That is 2 great people we lost to pancreatic cancer this year.


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