He’s a Little Bit Country

This book qualifies as a romance novel and although it is not February anymore I thought I would continue my romance quest.

Danielle Steele wrote the book.  I haven’t read a book by her in years.  According to the book jacket she has sold 650 million books.  So a lot of people like her books.

Stephanie is in a loveless marriage.  It hadn’t started out that way.  But then her husband cheated on her,  things were never the same.  Every year she and her husband and two other couples would go skiing for a weekend.  Just adults, no kids.

It was on their yearly ski trip that her husband dropped dead on the slopes.  While there marriage frankly stunk it did give her life meaning,  Now she no longer had her role of wife and her kids were pretty much grown up.

Along comes a hunky country super star.  But is she willing to be his music groupie and follow him around? You will just have to read the book.

One of the themes that Steele tries to convey in this book  is that a woman should have her own identity.  She should be comfortable in her skin. I would say she did a so so job getting the point across.  But that is just my opinion.

If you are a Danielle Steele fan you will probably like this book.   Happy reading.

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