Geoducks are for Lovers

The title drew me to this book.  I had no idea what a geoduck  was so I looked it up.  I will share what I found in case you share my lack of knowledge regarding this creature. First of all it is pronounced gooey-duck It is a clam with a shell that ranges from 5 to almost 8 inches and a very long siphon.  I have included a picture below and as you can see it has some resemblance to the male genitalia.  It is native to the Pacific northwest and buries itself on the beach.  Unbelievably it can live for 140 years. Oh and it is suppose to taste delicious.

Maggie is a food blogger who lives on Whidbey Island.  She went to Evergreen State where the geoduck just happens to be the mascot.  Personally I would not want a mollusk such as the geoduck or for that matter any clam be my mascot but that is just my opinion.

It seems Evergreen alums are quite content with this edible being their mascot. Anyway Maggie is expecting a visit from her best buds from college.  Amazingly they have kept in touch for twenty years.  However, she is unprepared when Gil shows up.  He was the love of her life but she freaked out and ran to Paris.She has not seen him since then.

They both married other people and are now divorced

The question is, Do they still have feelings for each other after all these years? And if they do, will they do something about it.  Read the book to find out.

This was a nice romance novel and you can find it  on Amazon




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