Ketchup, It’s a Food Group Right?

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I kind of know Ketchup is not the best condiment  in the world for you but I love it.  I can’t help it. For awhile it was practically its own food group in my book. I put it on just about everything.  In fact as far as I was concerned food did not really taste good without it.   I even put it on Prime Rib.  All you foodies out there stop gagging.

In High School I was always trying to lose or maintain my weight so when I wasn’t eating dill pickles and diet coke for lunch (no I WAS NOT PREGNANT) I ate a lettuce sandwich with ketchup.  I realize know that I could have saved myself even more calories had I not used the ketchup but I needed a little incentive to eat the sandwich.  I never could actually bring myself to skip a meal.

Check out this person’s Seven reasons You should not Eat ketchup.  Let me say I only agree with one reason from this article and that is the sugar content. In one tablespoon their is 3.7 grams of sugar.  On the bright side it has 54 mg of potassium and no fat. But unlike the what is stated in the article the smell of ketchup is like perfume and I love it on hot dogs. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


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