The Weekenders

Riley’s family has had a very successful real estate business on Belle Isle, North Caroling for years.  Since her father died her husband has stepped up to run the business.  But their marriage is on the rocks and all but over.  She takes her very rebellious daughter to Belle Isle for the summer. Her Husband is to join them. They board the ferry with the intention of spending a leisurely summer in their newly built house on the Isle.  Instead of a relaxing journey Riley is served papers.  She thinks it is divorce papers and does not look at them until they are on the island trying to get into their house.

The door is locked and her key does not work.  That is when she retrieves the papers and realizes that her beautiful house is in foreclosure.  Her husband has a lot of explaining to do but he is no where insight.  He has conveniently missed the ferry. Lots happens when he finally does show up.

Did I mention that Riley is a former TV journalist.  I think I forgot that part.  She knows how to dig and research a story.  She will need these skills to figure out what is going on here and why her life seems to be falling apart.  The Weekender is a fun beach read.


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