Drop Dead Easy Knits

My Mom was an incredible knitter.  Growing up she always had a project going.  Instead of watching TV at night she would knit.  She made beautiful dresses and sweaters with very intricate patterns.

She taught me how to knit but alas I did not have her talent.  I knit one sweater when I lived in Germany. The pattern was in German but I managed to muddle though with the help of a co-worker.  I think it came out but the pattern was a no nonsense pattern with basically dong one row of knit and one of purl. But I finished it and I wore it.

I made some scarves and even gave one to my Mom. But then I got busy and pretty much gave up knitting.

Then I received  this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  It has a project for just about everyone including me.  The project that caught my eye was the leg warmers.  I love how they look inside the top of your boot and the pattern in the book is very manageable.

Not into leg warmers or boot toppers, there are 29 other projects for you to do.  So pick up some knitting needles and join me.

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