I am swinging into my summer reading mode which means, mysteries, thrillers and of course romance novels.  I am starting off with my go to guy David Baldacci.  He has written another book, The Fallen with Amos Decker back again and I loved it!

It always seems like I read so much more in the summer which is kind of ironic since my amount of free time does not change from season to season.  I think it is the fact that the days are longer and I find it harder to fall asleep so I stay up and read. Please weigh in on this if you have your own theory.

The book opens up with a one two punch, a double murder.  Amos and his partner Alex were taking a much deserved vacation. They went to visit Alex’s sister who lives in Baronville, Pa.

Baronville is a dying town.  The businesses owned and operated by the Baron family have all been closed and the people in the town are struggling.  Many have turned to drugs and alcohol and drugs to ease their pain.  Others are just trying to do their best.

Baronville is not the only thing dying.  Bodies are beginning to pile up and Amos just happens to find two more.  When he discovers the crime scene it just doesn’t add up and the more he investigates the more he puts himself in harm’s way.

If you like Baldacci and haven’t read this book yet, Just Read It! Also don’t forget Memory ManThe Last Mile and The Fix.



Warm weather on the way

20180504_145932 (1)

I belong to a wine club.  Well it started out as a wine club now it is an opportunity to get together, drink and have a good time.  We decided to hold our May wine club at the beach.  One of the members has a home and so we convened at her house lovingly known as “My Happy Place”.

Since the weekend consisted of walking the boardwalk, attending Springfest and of course eating and DRINKING, I didn’t bring my usual reading material.  Instead I picked a romance novel.  I love romance novels just like I love watching Hallmark movies at Christmas.

Even if the characters face adversity and what would a good romance novel be without adversity, they all end happily ever after. So for this weekend when I needed a break from the drinking and craziness I read  Silver Pine Trail by RaeAnne Thayne.  It is about a librarian who finds love at Christmas.  There is no twisted plot.  It doesn’t require a lot of brain power.  It is just a relaxing, nice story. Click on the book or link to get more info.

Thank Goodness for the Earl of Sandwich

I want to thank John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Yes he had a gambling issue.  But it is because of this issue that the sandwich was born.  He hated getting up from his gaming table so he asked to have something he could eat with his hands while he played and the sandwich was born. The great thing about sandwiches is there are no rules for making them.  You are the master of your creation.

I recently spent a weekend with my wonderful Wine Women of West Virginia and one of the women prepared a brie and pear sandwich. It is an adult grilled cheese and it is simply divine. The secret is the bread.  You need to use a good quality whole grain bread.  Wegman’s and Safeway bake their whole grain breads right in the store so try one of theirs if you live close by.  The only thing I added to this wonderful sandwich is craisins.  I think it adds a nice touch.  Maybe next time I will put craisins and walnuts.  Again no rules.

I have loved sandwiches my entire life. Growing up it was what was in your lunch box or brown bag. The microwave was not available in the cafeteria and it was too much work for me to make a salad.  My Mom made sure that both my brother and I learned to make our own lunches. Sandwiches were a quick and easy thing to make.  After all anything tastes great between two pieces of bread.

I remember one of my favorite sandwiches was a grilled cheese sandwich that could be purchased in the cafeteria in my elementary school.  They didn’t actually grill the sandwich it was baked but it was so good.  In High School I was always watching my weight and my go to sandwich was iceberg lettuce on wonder bread.  It doesn’t sound all that great now but it worked in High School. The best part was that it was about 160 calories.

When I found this book I was intrigued.  I mean three hundred sandwiches is a lot of sandwiches. There are some good options in the book.  Some are your standards but others make you think hmm that’s an interesting combination. If you need ideas you may want to take a look at this book.


In the summertime when the weather is fine


It is summer. It is hot.  This year we have not been able to take a beach vacation. Sad I know. My deck is a toasty 99 degrees no thank you. I thought of getting one of those kiddie pools but there are no kiddies home this summer and I don’t need a mosquito magnet. Thank you very much.

I really haven’t been in the mood to tackle anything deep or meaningful.  What I mean by meaningful is non-fiction or fiction with a heavy duty theme like death and dying.  I seemed to have gravitated towards those this past year.  I have that in real life who needs to read about it right now.  So I have been reading romances and thrillers which I have found to be extremely satisfying.

I have read some that were good and some that were ok.  I will share them with you. You make your own decision.


Ketchup, It’s a Food Group Right?

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I kind of know Ketchup is not the best condiment  in the world for you but I love it.  I can’t help it. For awhile it was practically its own food group in my book. I put it on just about everything.  In fact as far as I was concerned food did not really taste good without it.   I even put it on Prime Rib.  All you foodies out there stop gagging.

In High School I was always trying to lose or maintain my weight so when I wasn’t eating dill pickles and diet coke for lunch (no I WAS NOT PREGNANT) I ate a lettuce sandwich with ketchup.  I realize know that I could have saved myself even more calories had I not used the ketchup but I needed a little incentive to eat the sandwich.  I never could actually bring myself to skip a meal.

Check out this person’s Seven reasons You should not Eat ketchup.  Let me say I only agree with one reason from this article and that is the sugar content. In one tablespoon their is 3.7 grams of sugar.  On the bright side it has 54 mg of potassium and no fat. But unlike the what is stated in the article the smell of ketchup is like perfume and I love it on hot dogs. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Book Bingo

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While I was browsing amazon.com I found what they were calling Book Bingo. It is a bingo card that I think is a great tool to help you mix it up a little when you are choosing books.  I read a lot of fiction but lately I have been more open to other reading possibilities.

That is why I love this form.  It is like a challenge.  I am up to the task.  I have attached the link for all of you so you can join me as I fill in all the boxes or at least some of the boxes.  Happy reading.