In the Kitchen with Bob Christmas Collection

I am a QVC fan.  During the holiday I would say I buy most of my holiday gifts from QVC and Amazon.  Ok I am a QVC Junkie.  I got hooked on QVC when I was pregnant with my daughter and I couldn’t sleep at night.   Now with netflix, cable and satellite TV there is tons of things to keep you amused but back twenty years ago there was crap on at midnight.

Then I discovered QVC. Kathy Levine became my best friend figuratively speaking of course.  My second favorite host was Bob Bowersox.  He had a show on Sunday called In the Kitchen with Bob where he demonstrated how to cook while selling great kitchen gadgets. The good thing about Bob was he was trained as a chef so he brought some credibility to the show.  Bob has since left but he did write a Christmas Cookbook.

What I like about this cookbook is it is divided up into different types of holiday meal.
The recipes are also designed to feed 15 to 20 people.  This is great because ordinarily I cook for only 3 to 4 people and cooking for a large group can be intimidating for me.  It just seems that the recipe never tastes as good if you double, triple or quadruple the ingredients.

So if you are cooking for a crowd check out Bob’s Book.



Thank God for Betty Crocker

Usually I like to sink my teeth into Holiday romance novels.  I like the feel good themes of them.  They are usually set in some snowy wonderland and the couple always is happy in the end.  So like real life.  Yah right!  It’s all about fiction people.

This year I decided to mix it up a little by throwing cookbooks into the mix.  I love to entertain during the holiday season and I am always looking for interesting dishes to add to my repertoire. So I went searching for some good holiday cookbooks.

How many of you out there learned to cook using the Betty Crocker cookbook?  I did.  Maybe it was because it was the only cookbook my Mom owned (wedding gift) or maybe it is because a lot of the recipes were basic and pretty straight forward.  Either way I don’t care it was there and I used it as my foodie bible. Turns out that Betty Crocker also has a Christmas cookbook. There are a few interesting recipes, nothing that is really gonna wow you but it is worth a look.

For those of you interested, there is an updated Betty Crocker cookbook called Betty Crocker Cookbook: 1500 recipes for the way you cook today. There are a lot of wonderful cookbooks out there but the Betty Crocker cookbook is truly designed for those who are either new to cooking or who are like myself, cooking challenged. So you may want to give it a try.

And don’t think for a second that I am going to give up on my quest for the perfect holiday novel.  If and when I find one that is worth sharing I will let you know so keep an eye out on my blog.

Spice Mixes From Your Kitchen

The holidays are not that far away.  I try to start to make my list early because I like to finish my shopping right after Thanksgiving.  There are some people I have a very hard time deciding what to get.  That is why I found this book so interesting.  It is more of a mini cook book since it is only 34 pages.  Storey Publishers actually calls it a bulletin.

Whatever you want to call it, I liked it because it contains “recipes” for spice mixes such as Pumpkin Pie spice and Italian Spice mix.  During the holiday I bake cookies although my cookie repertoire is extremely limited to drop cookies.  So I thought to make up for my lack of cookie skills I can add a jar of spices.  I even thought I could make a quick bread like pumpkin and add a jar of pumpkin pie spice.

Anyway whether you choose to bake or cook or not there are some interesting mixes that you may want to use in your kitchen.

Click on the book above for more info.

A Food Bucket List Foods To Eat Before You Die in Book Form

1000 foods I was drawn to the tile of this book right away. Who knew there was a list of foods to eat before you died. Who new I had to add food to my bucket list. Mimi Sheraton certainly felt she needed a food bucket list but that would make sense since she was a food writer and food was her life.

I am happy to say that I do not have to start from ground zero when trying to check off the foods on the list. I have eaten many of them and I ate them in their country of origin. How can you not eat fish and chips or cornish pasties when you are in England. Although we make a mean baguette in the United States, there is something about eating it in France that really changes the taste. Maybe it tastes better because of the wine and cheese I had as an accompaniment. Kartoffelsalat in Germany is delish when eaten mitt bratwurst.

Any self respecting New Yorker cut their eye teeth on bagels and bialys. And lastly at every holiday meal my grandmother made the most mouth watering Chicken Fricassee with Meatballs. It was a requirement. My mom came close to duplicating the dish and I come in third place. Of course she never used a recipe. These are just a couple after all there are 1000! So I guess I am going to have to get eating. It is going to take me at least twenty years to make it through most of the list. I say most because there are some foods I will not be eating in my lifetime. I am shooting for at least 900. Care to join me?

Anyway this a fun and interesting book so you might want to give it a try. For more information click on the book cover below: