The Fallen

I am swinging into my summer reading mode which means, mysteries, thrillers and of course romance novels.  I am starting off with my go to guy David Baldacci.  He has written another book, The Fallen ,with Amos Decker back again and I loved it!

It always seems like I read so much more in the summer which is kind of ironic since my amount of free time does not change from season to season.  I think it is the fact that the days are longer and I find it harder to fall asleep so I stay up and read. Please weigh in on this if you have your own theory.

The book opens up with a one two punch, a double murder.  Amos and his partner Alex were taking a much deserved vacation. They went to visit Alex’s sister who lives in Baronville, Pa.

Baronville is a dying town.  The businesses owned and operated by the Baron family have all been closed and the people in the town are struggling.  Many have turned to drugs and alcohol and drugs to ease their pain.  Others are just trying to do their best.

Baronville is not the only thing dying.  Bodies are beginning to pile up and Amos just happens to find two more.  When he discovers the crime scene it just doesn’t add up and the more he investigates the more he puts himself in harm’s way.

If you like Baldacci and haven’t read this book yet, Read It! Also don’t forget MemoryMan,  The last Mile and The Fix.

Don’t forget Amazon Prime day is coming on July 16th


The Keeper of Lost Things


Do you ever see a person or persons and in your head make up a story about them.  I remember when my husband and I were first married we were walking hand in hand in New York City.  We found ourselves walking behind this beautiful older couple. They must have been in there late 70’s.

They too were holding hands and I turned to my husband and said, “Do you think we will be like them when we are their age?” We hoped we would be.  I then started thinking, how did they meet, did they have children, were they even married or had they just found each other and all these stories about them started forming in my head. We are not their age yet so who knows whether that will be us but I hope so.

This book reminded me of that moment .  One of the characters in the book was given a piece of jewelry by his Fiancée, something that meant a lot to her. Ironically she died the day she gave it to him and he lost it.

From that day forward he picked up and cataloged items he found and  became The Keeper of Lost Things He was an author and so he wrote short stories about the lost items many of which were published.

He always meant to try and return the items but died leaving the job to be done by his assistant.  As it turns out she was one of his “lost things”. She makes it her mission to find the owners of the lost things and finds herself along the way.  It is a very nice story.

The Fix

It was a gloomy, wet weekend.  Perfect for a good read and it just so happens that David Baldacci has a new book out. It just so happens that I had the book on my kindle.  No coincidence, this was a well thought out plan on my part.

I was hanging out with my Dad. He was sitting in his favorite chair reading and I was sitting on the couch reading.  There is nothing better than curling up with a good book on a crappy day.

So Amos Decker is back!  Who is Amos Decker?  Well he just happens to be The Memory Man. Amos, while playing  his first game in the NFL, was hit hard in the head.  Even though he was wearing a helmet he suffered a significant head injury.  This head injury permanently sidelined him from playing football.  He also found he could remember EVERYTHING.  Professionally having an amazing memory is a gift but personally not so much.

In this book he witnesses a murder and a suicide that get him involved in a case that involves spying and a terrorist plot. Baldacci is a great storyteller. Read this book.

Britt Marie Was Here

For many people, fitting into society is not easy.  Many are socially “awkward”.  There is nothing wrong with that and for the most part most embrace or at least learn to live with themselves.  Many don’t and therefore we have Newtown and Columbine.  Heartbreaking! I wish society did a better job helping people who need it.  I wish I did a better job.

Fredrik Backman writes about socially awkward people and he does an excellent job. Many of you may have read A Man Called Ove. If you liked it  you will enjoy this book as well.  Just a sidebar if you haven’t read  A Man Called Ove read it.

Backman does a great job of writing about characters that have just a little difficulty being around people.  In this novel Britt Marie is a little awkward around people. She was managing.  She learned to deal with and accept who she was.  That didn’t mean she was happy but she coped.

Britt Marie’s husband is  cheating on her. She suspected it for awhile but she chose to ignore it until her husband has a heart attack and the other woman becomes a reality.

There is always some event or events, sentinel moments in a person’s life that changes everything.  I have had them, in fact quite recently. I am sure you have as well.  Choosing how to deal with them is the key to survival.

So Britt Marie digs down deep into herself and makes a change.  She finds a job in a community that is dying from the financial crisis. How she adapts to her new surrounding and how they adapt to her is both a poignant and humorous story.  The characters are wonderful. I loved Britt Marie Was Here .

No Man’s Land

All I can say is thank God for David Baldacci and a long holiday weekend. I just never tire of his books and this one has one of my favorite characters, John Puller.

John Puller’s Dad is a three star General loved by the men who served with him but not particularly close to John. His Mother disappeared when he was young.  This fact was buried in the memories of the Puller men and really never spoken about until a former neighbor accuses Fuller Sr. of killing his wife.

It is plausible because evidently his Mom and Dad were not getting along well.  Also his Dad was suppose to be out of town but as it turns out he returned a day early even though he did not come to the house right away.

John sets out to clear his Father’s name and steps knee deep into a Government cover up.  His books are always fast paced with a good story.  Once again he stares death in the face and is lucky to be alive.

I can’t wait for him to write his next book!


Before the Fall

Eleven passengers or should I say souls in airplane speak, board a private jet one summer evening.  About fifteen minutes into the flight something goes horribly wrong and there is a crash.  Two on-board survive.  The two survivors find themselves in the middle of the ocean and only because of pure determination do they make it to shore.

Several of the people on the plane were high profile kind of guys. Immediately, as is always the case, there is speculation about what caused the crash.  Sadly one of the first questions in any crash now a days is Was it an act of terror?  After that the usual scenarios are reviewed.

What was most interesting about this book was how the author created the story by telling all the back stories about the passengers and the crew.  His take on media coverage was interesting and frightening.  As we have seen many times once the media gets involved the story takes on a life of its own.  I am all for getting information out to the public and transparency etc, but sometimes a journalist will go a little too far and create a story.  The story may ultimately prove to be wrong and innocent people become collateral damage.

Put Before the Fall on your reading list.


The Pursuit


This is the new novel (June 2016) written by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg.  For those of you who don’t know Janet Evanovich, she is the author of many novels but most notably the Stephanie Plum novels.  If you choose to read one of the Plum novels I highly recommend  listening to them.  The actress who reads them is very good and really developed great voices the longer she performed for the audio series.  The books have a number in each title and I admit I started the series in the teens rather than from the beginning.  I don’t think I will go back to read the others.

Anyway as many published authors seem to be doing, Evanovich has teamed up with Lee Goldberg to write the Fox and O’Hare series.  It’s a good writing team.  There is still the humor and character development that you see in her books but the thrill of the chase seems to be added by Goldberg.  By the way, Lee Goldberg is an author and screenwriter who has worked on different crime series.

In this book you have Kate O’Hare the FBI agent and Nick Fox the elegant thief.  They have been partnered by the FBI. If Nick refuses, he will find himself behind bars for a long time.  This time Nick gets kidnapped by the road runners a group of jewelry thieves that do a grab and go type robbery on a large scale.  They have kidnapped Nick for his expertise needed to rob a particularly impenetrable safe.  Nick gets caught and sent to jail.  Kate busts him out of jail and the fun begins because the leader of this group wants more than jewelry this time.  It is a fun read so give it a try.