Good Grief, I forgot my password again!

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I work in IT.  One of the most common calls that I get when I am on help desk duty is for a password issue.   No shock here since they require many passwords to gain access to their tablet or laptop and apps.

So for those of you who are working at 2:00 am in the morning and forget your password and call your help desk check this article out after you are given a password reset.  Good luck and I hope it helps!

Is it possible to remember your password?


Since When Did Baseball become football?

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Back in the days when I was growing up on Long Island, I was a Met’s fan.  Lucky for me there were a lot of boys in the neighborhood who  liked baseball and I would tag along with them.  My best friend at the time had two older brothers and once they were able to drive they were nice enough to have her and me tag along.

We would sit in the nose bleed section and I mean at the tippy top of the Shea Stadium with our coke (the beverage) and hot dog and I was really happy to be there and watching the game.  Unlike football, baseball does not translate well on television. You need to be there to truly experience the game.

I realize I was young and saw the world through rose colored glasses but I do not believe there was as much crap going on as what went on at Game two of the National League Division series,  Utley broke Tejada’s leg.  Watching the video you see how brutal the play was and yes the umpire ruled it a fair play but it was brutal and a leg was broken.  In fact it looked like he didn’t even care about  making it on base.  When did baseball become football?  Is this how we really want this game played.

And now Utley is appealing the suspension. Maybe he will say it is done all the time.  Maybe he and his team have been reviewing game tapes to gather evidence showing that this happens all the time.  But honestly enough is enough.  If I was the governing body listening to the appeal I would say to Mr. Utley “You know after carefully considering your argument for appeal I think that a two game suspension is not fair.  In fact, I change the ruling to a suspension of all games in the remainder  of this season and five games in next years season.  Thank you for your appeal.”

Matt Harvey is talking about  getting “revenge” in the next games. That is not the way to go here.  This isn’t a gladiator sport.  This has to be settled by the league and the players.Someone has to say enough is enough and make some changes.  Play nice guys, my kids come to the games with me and I don’t want them to see this kind of play.  You are role models whether you like it or not so act accordinlgy.

ESPN  has an article and a video.  Watch the play yourself.