What’s on My List

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This morning I woke up after sleeping until 9 am (WOW) and made some coffee, sat at the table and read the newspaper.  I can’t remember the last time I had the chance to do this.  Usually I get up leaf through the paper and then go to the last page of The Outlook section to see what is on the best seller list. After that I am off doing errands, laundry etc. but I took the morning off. There were some very interesting articles today including this one on the Bailout of 2008.

For those of you who have read my blog before, you know that on occasion I play this game called How Many Books on the Bestseller List Have I Read.  I even have a grading system.  My goal is to have read at least 3 books on the fiction bestseller list and then I give myself bonus points if I have read any on the non-fiction list.  I met my goal this week of 30%. No bonus points for non-fiction.  However, a book on the non-fiction list did catch my eye and only because of the title.  When I read a book I always try to figure out how the author came up with the  book title.  Most of the time I get it.  In rare instances I don’t. I got the title for this one. No big stretch.

Anyway one book on the non-fiction list caught my eye: You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery.  I guess this title was interesting because I belong to a Wine Club.  We get together once a month after work and most of the time we drink wine but we have been known to drink a cocktail or two.  Once or twice a year we have a girls weekend where we might have a “few” cocktails but no on gets into a car after drinking.

Any way I had to see what this book was all about so I downloaded it to my kindle.  If you like Chelsea Handler most likely you will like this book.  I certainly liked the cocktail found in the introduction of the book.  Basically the author writes with no filter meaning anything goes.  She has rules for a drinking game so if you want to play while you read her book you will most certainly not be able to get through the book in one sitting or for that matter two or three. This author is an example of how some one gains attention when they become a Youtube sensation.

On a more serious note I read a non-fiction book called Sous Chef 24 hours on the Line.  For all you foodies out there you may find this book as interesting as I did.  It is about the inner workings of a kitchen in a fine dining establishment. Look for my post this Thursday.  It is kind of a follow up to my post from last week 1000 Foods to Eat Before You die.

Even though I am still very interested in the bestseller list, I really find myself looking for other books of substance that are good but don’t necessarily appear on the list. I think I have read some really great books that don’t necessarily show on the list.

Before I close, there are three books that I posted on my previous site that I will repost here.  Staying in the non fiction genre Countdown to Zero day.  The other two are fiction, Me Before You and Five Days Left.  I still think about these books and I often wonder what would I do in this situation.  By the way the sequel for Me Before You, After You  will be out in September 2015.  Aside from After You which is not yet released If you have not read the other three, Put them on your beach reading list. Look for these posts. One will be reposted this week. And the others will follow.




What’s on My List


I had a few days off. It was wonderful. I need to do it more often. I basically just did a few things around my house and the rest of the time I just relaxed. Oh my God what a concept!.. You know you can actually forget how to relax. Fortunately it is just like riding a bike. Once you jump on you remember how great it is to do.

Since I did not have to get up early each morning I stayed up and read late into the night. In fact I read some good books that I will share with you so look out for my new posts.

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So some of the books you can look forward to are Funny Girl, 1000 Foods to Eat Before You die, and Patriot Threat.