The Fix

It was a gloomy, wet weekend.  Perfect for a good read and it just so happens that David Baldacci has a new book out. It just so happens that I had the book on my kindle.  No coincidence, this was a well thought out plan on my part.

I was hanging out with my Dad. He was sitting in his favorite chair reading and I was sitting on the couch reading.  There is nothing better than curling up with a good book on a crappy day.

So Amos Decker is back!  Who is Amos Decker?  Well he just happens to be The Memory Man. Amos, while playing  his first game in the NFL, was hit hard in the head.  Even though he was wearing a helmet he suffered a significant head injury.  This head injury permanently sidelined him from playing football.  He also found he could remember EVERYTHING.  Professionally having an amazing memory is a gift but personally not so much.

In this book he witnesses a murder and a suicide that get him involved in a case that involves spying and a terrorist plot. Baldacci is a great storyteller. Read this book.


Amos Decker part Deux

By now you guys know how much I love reading David Baldacci. I can always count on him to get me engaged in the story.  Since I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, this was a nice break.

Once again Baldacci brings back Amos Decker. If you read Memory Man ,which I highly recommend, you would be up to speed on this new character. Just in case you didn’t read the first book,  I will give you a little background on Amos just to get you interested. He was a pro football player.  His first game ever was his last.  His helmet collided with another players helmet that knocked him out.  Literally and figuratively.  His career as a pro was over.  He was left with a brain injury that effected his memory.  He can’t forget anything.  Anything. He remembers everything and in great detail. I am glad I can forget certain things in my life or at least store them away in a corner.

Fast forward and he is in law enforcement.  One day he comes home to find his family brutally murdered.  Imagine never being able to forget anything and to have that scene play in your head forever.  His career goes into the toilet until by coincidence he gets dragged back into a case.  One that may ultimately help him move on.

But enough about that book.  I am talking the new book The Last Mile. Amos is now employed by the FBI.  He is assigned to a special task force that has been given a stack of cases.  He takes an interest in a case a former football player who is on death row for the brutal murder of his parents years ago. Something doesn’t add up and Decker is all over it.

Give these books a try.


The Guilty

I am exhausted from the holidays.  New Year’s week I was on 24/7 call and it was busy as usual.  So in order to rest my weary brain I decided to read one of my favorite guys David Baldacci.  The Guilty is his latest novel and it is the 4th in the Will Robie Series.

Will is a  US federal employee whose job just happens to be taking out those people who are not favorites to the world.  When I say he takes them out, I mean he kills them.  He is a professional sniper.

In the books opening pages he takes out a target but in doing so he also kills a child which everyone is calling collateral damage but not Will.  It messes with his brain and his ability to do his job.

At the same time his Dad is accused of murder.  He and his Dad never had a stellar relationship but Will decides to check out his Dad’s case and also sort out his work dilemma.  The book takes some twists and turns which made it an interesting read.  If you are taking a plane ride anytime soon tuck this into your carry on or sit on the sofa  and enjoy.